The production process


The delivery of tinplate is 65% per truck and 35% per ship. The incoming tinplate scrap is unloaded at the collection point, after which they are mixed with a crane to form a homogeneous fraction. After the entire process, two end products are produced. These are tin discs and steel bales. The removal of tin is carried out by truck. The steel bales are mainly transported by ship.


The tinplate fraction is then pressed into tinplate bales. The weight of the timplate bales can vary between 175 and 250 kg (depending on customer requirements). The tinplate bales are stripped by electrolysis after pressing. After stripping , the tinplate bales become steel bales. The tin is attracted to the cathode plate after electrolysis.

Tin press

The cathode plates are scraped at the tin press. The tin is collected in a container and subsequently then pressed into discs. The tin discs are collected and are then ready for transport to be reused.

The result

Two finished products are produced: steel packages and tin discs.